The power of telling the truth.

What happens when you don’t deliver on your promise to a client? You tell the truth and you tell them quickly. Waiting to tell them why you didn’t deliver when you told them you would, can make them angry. Be honest about the situation. After you apologize and tell them why you weren’t able to deliver on your promise, consider asking them something like, what has to happen for them to feel confident and continue to have the same relationship that they have enjoyed with you in the past? Most people will understand, assuming you had a legitimate reason and they will appreciate your honesty. “Life” happens to all of us, it is just a matter of when, where, and how.

So the point is – stop being afraid of what might happen because what you think might happen might not actually happen. And how bad could it really be? What are you really afraid of? Chances are you will realize that would you’re imagining is not only improbable, but not all that bad anyway. Tell the truth and let things go the way they will go. The truth isn’t always easy, but the truth is almost always better for everyone involved.

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