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InfoGraphic-StrategicThinking-Download-SampleThe time to implement a strategy is now!

The Leaders role in strategy making: We all have a voice in strategy-making, as well as greater latitude to respond opportunistically to developing conditions. In the past, strategic thinking was generally reserved to closed-door meetings with upper management. This method employs feedback with lower-level management, who has direct contact with employees and clients.


Strategy making: Sees strategy and change as inescapably linked and assumes that finding new strategic options and implementing them successfully is harder and more important than evaluating them. This rule puts ideas into action and places the importance of the application rather than extensive and time-consuming evaluation before action. Change is happening all the time, so the time to implement the strategy is now – not later – so you can capitalize on the benefits.


Applying Strategic Thinking practices into your business and they will accelerate your success by allowing a crystal clear focus to drive daily tasks – for you and your team. To download a complimentary copy of a strategic thinking model, go to



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