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time log sampleIn a survey of business professionals, when asked they consistently feel they waste approximately 2 hours a day, which translates to 10 hours a week, etc.  Let’s not focus on how much time is actually wasted as the focus needs to be on what you can do with the wasted time to generate even more money, work less, or do other things you really want to do. 


Use a time log to help you know where you are actually spending your time during the day. Periodically use this time log for a 2-week period of time to help you continue to be time efficient. This tool can be utilized by everyone on your team at the same time. Talk about what you realized at the end of the 2 weeks and how you can get even better with managing time.


Think about it for a minute. When you track what you eat, you watch more of what you put in your mouth as it has to go on a food log that someone else will be reviewing and helping you be better at nutrition. The same works when you apply it to your valuable time. You think twice about doing activities that aren’t moving you forward because you have to write them down.


To download my complimentary Time Log Sample and help you be even more time efficient, so you are in a higher probability position to achieve your goals, go to: /time-log/.  Simple instructions come with the sample document to help you know how to complete the time log.


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