Use the 4-D Formula with your Prioritized Action List (PAL)

The first and most important principle to producing big results is learning how to focus on the high-payoff tasks while delegating or deleting the not-so-important tasks.  Reduce time-wasters, while increasing your productivity to sticking to four rules regarding all of your tasks: Do it Now – Do it Later – Delegate it – Delete it.

Each evening before you go to bed, you should be creating a Prioritized Action List for the following day.  Each task should be designated into one of the four categories: Do it now – Do it later – Delegate it – Delete it; and prioritized, with the highest pay-off task at the very top of the list.  You’ll want to do this every evening for two reasons: 1) You can get a good night’s rest knowing that you’ve written everything down and 2) So your sub-conscious can organize your day while you’re busy sleeping.

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