What Does Commitment Mean to You?

Have you ever made a commitment to yourself or someone and for whatever reason, didn’t follow through?  There are numerous definitions for the word “commitment.”  The most basic definition is that of an “act of voluntarily taking on and fulfilling obligations.”  This is actually further specified as a “personal” commitment, as opposed to a professional or organizational commitment.  The voluntary nature of personal commitment is what makes it so personal.  However, this does not mean that a commitment has to relate only to personal interests, such as human relationships or core beliefs.  Any objective can be approached with a personal commitment, a voluntary taking on of all obligations.  A commitment can be given to any number of projects and causes, including an organization, a team, a faith group, or to another person. 

Many successful people in business and life have commented that commitment is a very important factor in individual success.  This is usually because the individual is the one that must spearhead his or her own cause for a period of time, at least until others can join in the cause.  In order for any venture to be successful, action must first be taken, and commitment is what incites people to action.  Commitment involves not only pledging one’s self to a purpose, but also practicing this system of belief on a regular basis.  Defining commitment as persistence alone would be inaccurate; it is persistence with a purpose or goal, and built upon a foundation of logic that is closely linked with a person (or group’s) core beliefs.

Some of the most successful businesspersons in modern times, as well and throughout history, are people that have been described as “committed” to their career or cause.  They are usually not people of exceptional genius, nor have they built an empire based on dumb luck.  They are individuals that have held firmly to a set of commitments and seen these commitments through. 

How passionate and committed are you to making a project work, making your career successful, raising your children, staying fit and healthy, etc.?


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