Work Habits of the Most Successful and Trusted Financial Advisors Web Class

You’ve heard the saying that successful advisors do what unsuccessful advisors are unwilling to do. What exactly are those things that the successful advisors do? And what exactly are those things that unsuccessful advisors do?


In this high-content, what-to-do and how-to-do-it web class, Bill Bachrach will dive deep into the specifics of the activities that drive success and those that create predictable failure.


It’s not personality or luck or genetic predispositions that determine your success or failure as a Financial Advisor. It’s consistently doing certain things in a certain way that produces certain results.


This web class will cover 4 key elements:

– Client Service work habits

– Client Acquisition work habits

– Leadership work habits

– Time Management work habits


You will walk away from this webinar with total clarity about what to do to be highly successful and what NOT to do that, if you continue doing it, will trap you in the quagmire of mediocrity where most non-failures in this business spend their entire careers. (Sad, but true, that most advisors who don’t fail are not really succeeding either. Not failing is not the same as succeeding. Don’t settle for being average!)


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