Your Calendar is your Business and Life Bible

While listening to my clients talk about how they honor or don’t honor their calendar the other day, I got to thinking. Your calendar really is your personal and business bible. You have a spiritual bible, if you are spiritual. Your calendar is that important. It tells you what you should be doing day in and day out. As long as the things listed on your calendar are the ‘right’ things and come from your goals, you know that when you honor your calendar and do the activities listed on it you are making progress toward achievement of your goals – short-term and long-term. When there is nothing on your calendar you don’t know what to do and that is not being effective or efficient so you aren’t as productive as you can be or need to be to achieve your goals. Your calendar is your life bible – so to speak. It is extremely important to you in your life and tells you what business and personal activities you should be doing so you can ultimately fulfill what is truly important to you in life. It is also a great feeling to check things off on your calendar as you do them. Utilize your calendar more effectively in 2009 and see what a positive impact it has on your life and achievement of your goals.

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