4 Basic Rules of Business Branding (Part 4)

Business Branding Rule #4: Consistency is king

Now that you have your logo and slogan, it’s important to stay consistent.  In every piece of marketing from your letterhead to advertising spots, the logo and slogan should always remain consistent.


If you’ve hired a professional graphic artist or marketing firm to create your business look, they should have provided a digital file with your logo and slogan in a variety of positions and sizes (to accommodate different sizes and methods of media).  Once your design is set, do not waver from it.  Ideally, keep the logo/slogan layouts to no more than three different layouts to accommodate different media such as website, letterhead, and print and web advertisements.


Make sure that both your print marketing and online marketing are consistent.  The design and color scheme should remain true to your website theme.  You’d be surprised how many people will type in your URL when directed through an advertisement, only to get thrown off by a website design that looks nothing like the ad.  When you don’t make the effort to keep your branding consistent you run the chance of confusing your potential clients – hence, losing revenue.


Action Steps

1. Go back and review Tip #1.  Does your current logo reflect the type of image you want to portray?  If not, hire a graphic designer to design a new logo and choose appropriate colors.  Ask a friend or colleague for a recommendation, or go to Elance.com to find a freelance graphic designer.  Expect to pay $75 – $250 per logo.


2. Go back and review Tip #3.  Does your slogan really grab your ideal client?  Put yourself in your client’s place.  What slogan would make you want to hire you?  Refine it, if need be, to reflect the most focused message possible that invokes immediate action.


3. Review Tip #4.  Does your marketing contain a consistent message and design?  If not, follow your company logo (design and color) and make necessary adjustments to all marketing pieces, including your website.

4 Basic Rules of Business Branding (Part 4)

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