Client’s Goals Tracking Spreadsheet Example

 BIf you want to make sure to help your clients achieve their goals, so they can enjoy what is important to them in life, you might want to make sure to have a way to track them, if you don’t already do this.


The purpose of this simple spreadsheet is to help you be more on top of when your client’s goals are coming due, so you can make sure you help them achieve what they want to achieve, assuming it is possible, in the time frame they desire. If you aren’t on top of what they want to accomplish, how does that appear to them versus if you are always paying attention to what they tell you and are helping to get to where they want to go?


To download my complimentary Client Goals Tracking Spreadsheet template, go to /request-client-goal-tracking-sample/. You can easily customize it for how it will best work for you in helping your clients.


Hi Anne, love the Goal Tracker. Simple elegance at its best.
Larry S., CLU, ChFC, CFP


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