Common Tasks to Quickly and Easily Delegate

Common Tasks to Quickly and Easily Delegate so you can focus on your highest payoff activities that put you in the highest probability position to achieve your goals.

• Answering Phones/Returning phone calls
• Sending/returning emails
• Performing research
• Bookkeeping
• Filing
• Scheduling appointments
• Website design and maintenance
• Some aspects of marketing
• Writing articles and blogs

Generally speaking, administrative tasks should always be delegated to an assistant. While answering the phone and responding to emails is important, your focus should be on the tasks that directly increase the growth of your business. For instance, your energy should be focused on conducting seminars, creating new products or services, networking, meeting clients and prospects in person, talking to strategic alliances or centers of influence, expanding into new markets, etc.

The common tasks mentioned in the above category should not require your attention. Hire an employee or virtual assistant to take full responsibility for their maintenance. These sample tasks are simple tasks that almost anyone can do, but other tasks that require a specific skill set should also be delegated to experienced professionals.

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