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High-Value Resources to Accelerate Your Results

High-Value Resources to Accelerate Your Results

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The Prioritized Action List (PAL) Sample – Free Download Page

To help you and your team be even more time efficient, use a Prioritized Action List (PAL). This is a list of everything you have to do so you don’t have sticky notes, pieces of scrap paper laying around, or things in your head that you are trying to remember or afraid you will forget. Everything on the list in a priority order – hence the name – so you are more focused and on target to getting the most important tasks/activities done very single day.

To download a Free Sample Prioritized Action List (PAL) that everyone in your office can use, go to /pal-sample/.


The Time Log Sample – Free Download Page

Use the time log sample to help you know where you are actually spending your time during the day. Periodically use this time log to help you continue to be time efficient. This tool can be utilized by everyone on your team.

To download my complimentary Time Log Sample and help you be even more time efficient so you are in a higher probability position to achieve your goals, go to: /time-log/.


Referral / Prospect Tracking Spreadsheet – SAMPLE – Free Download

In my work with business owners, I find that they often say to me that they have prospects that they haven’t followed up with (for whatever reason), or they lost track of some of the referrals people gave them. First of all, it’s hard to believe that someone wouldn’t have a process for tracking their referrals/prospects because that is potential revenue – but apparently this happens and probably more than it should. So I came up with a simple tracking spreadsheet to help my clients better know who they have in their pool of prospects so they know where they are at in their pipeline, and they don’t lose anyone (or drown them) on the way.

To download my complimentary referral tracking spreadsheet and help you increase your revenue, go to /referral-tracking-workbook/


Business Opportunity Planner Worksheet – SAMPLE – Free Download

When working with business owners, I find that they sometimes need to have a good idea of where they are at against their goals so they know if they are on track or off track. If they are off track, they have to figure out ways to fill the gap so they achieve their goals. In an effort to help them stay focused on what they need to do to ensure they are in the highest probability position to achieve their goals – or even exceed them – I created the Business Opportunity Planner Worksheet. This spreadsheet can easily be modified to fit your industry and how you track opportunities.

To download my complimentary business opportunity planner worksheet to help you focus on increasing your revenue, go to



Support Team Performance Assessment – Free SAMPLE

Many simple and effective resources get created when I’m coaching people.  An issue or situation comes up and I create a resource tool to help them get an even better result.  In today’s example, the business owner wanted to better hold his support team accountable so I created a performance assessment tool.  This enhances regular communication with each team member about their specific performance of what they are responsible for.  It lets the team member feel good about their progress and it helps the business owner feel more confident about what is being done and at what level of performance.  You will benefit from utilizing this simple and effective performance assessment for every member of your team. Customize it for each person on your team. Schedule a meeting every 90 days to review progress in each area you are measuring.

To download your complimentary performance assessment so you can customize it for all your team members, go to: /support-team-member-progress-assessment/


The Strategic Thinking Model™ – Free Download Page

The time to implement a strategy is now!

The Leaders role in strategy making: We all have a voice in strategy-making, as well as greater latitude to respond opportunistically to developing conditions. In the past, strategic thinking was generally reserved to closed-door meetings with upper management. This method employs feedback with lower-level management, who has direct contact with employees and clients.


Strategy making: Sees strategy and change as inescapably linked and assumes that finding new strategic options and implementing them successfully is harder and more important than evaluating them. This rule puts ideas into action and places the importance of the application rather than extensive and time-consuming evaluation before action. Change is happening all the time, so the time to implement the strategy is now – not later – so you can capitalize on the benefits.


Applying Strategic Thinking practices to your business will accelerate your success by allowing a crystal clear focus to drive daily tasks – for you and your team. To download a complimentary copy of a strategic thinking model, go to /strategic-thinking-model/.


The Values Clarification Exercise for Great Success – Free Download Document/Exercise

Define Core Values to Align Successful Behavior and Goals

In order to successfully apply the principles and systems to help you experience even greater success, it is vital that you first identify your values so you can then create behaviors that support your values. When there is conflict or a discrepancy between your values and behavior or goals, success is impossible. Your values are basically the “why” behind your goals.


Values, Goals, and Behaviors must all be focused in the same direction for successful goal achievement, and when any one of them is out of alignment with the other, you will find yourself spinning your wheels. Your values will lead you in one direction, while your behavior leads you in a completely different direction, never allowing for your energies to complement each other. Download and complete this exercise to help you align your goals and behavior with your values so that everything is heading in the same direction. When goals and behavior are aligned with core values, you have the winning formula for success.

To download my complimentary values clarification exercise to help get you started on really defining your values, go to /values-clarification/.


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– 4 Essentials of Effective Communication That Produces Big Results – How to Create an All About Them Business

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Fitness Tracking Spreadsheet – Sample

If you need a simple way to track your health and fitness goals, download this sample spreadsheet and customize it to help you achieve your goals. /fitness-health-training-activity-tracking/


A free chapter of Live Life with No Regrets book is all yours – Enjoy! /freechapter/


The Pros vs Cons Exercise – Free Download Page

Have you ever had a time when you needed to make a decision but weren’t exactly sure what to do? Well, when this occurs and you aren’t sure about what decision you should make, you might want to consider the old fashion Pros and Cons list. Using this exercise will help when you are trying to decide whether to do something that can have an impact on your life, personally and professionally. Your ‘gut’ may still have a say in what you choose to do in the end.

Do you have a project, decision, or issue to resolve? To download my complimentary Pros versus Cons Exercise, go to /pros-vs-cons-exercise/.


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