Do your leadership actions build team loyalty?


An effective leader doesn’t earn loyalty by instilling fear. An effective leader knows how to positively gain trust, loyalty and dedication of the entire team. Your team will only back you up when you back them up. This is where it has to be given, without expectation, before it will be returned. Just as you will remember when your team went to bat for you, they will remember when you did the same for them. Every time you stand behind them, this builds loyalty and a valuable team mentality.

Be sure to choose quality team members who show a solid history of reliability, consistent performance, and stability when building your team. Hire a teenager with a reputation for not showing up to his previous place of employment, and you can be assured you will see the same. Be particular about potential team members and do thorough research and reference checks before bringing them on board.

Other Tips to Build Team Loyalty…
• Pay above minimum wage
• Be flexible when there’s a disaster or emergency
• Give holiday bonuses or small gifts
• Hold team building events (e.g. sports, meals, or an afternoon trip to the coffeehouse)
• Remember birthdays and employment anniversaries

Action Step: Evaluate your team members. Are they the right team? Do they deliver what the business needs to grow? Are you providing incentive and support for the team’s effective performance? Identify changes or adjustments needed to make the business more effective and efficient: possibly adjust tasks per member, re-delegate to a different team member, release or add team members, adjust systems and processes, or create improved incentives that inspire your team.

Being an effective leader takes time and lots of personal development. Honestly, some people will never be effective leaders because it doesn’t suit their personality. However, as an entrepreneur and business owner, it is vital that you become the best leader you can be so your business, and your team, can grow personally and professionally. Ultimately, how far you want to take your success depends on you. When you commit to evolving into the best person you can be, your success follows suit – and so does your team.

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