Eliminate Time Wasters and Stop Settling for The No Longer Acceptables in Your Life – Web Training

When you attend this LIVE web class, you will discover specific ways to identify and eliminate time wasters along with 3 practical and easy to implement steps you can take to start eliminating the “no longer acceptables” from your life so you can experience the kind of life you truly want and deserve – professionally and personally.

Many of us say we’re going to make changes to eliminate the things we don‘t like about our life, but few of us actually commit to improving the quality of our life. If you have ever felt like this – it’s time to get a dose of reality.

Give up the excuses because they are just plain cop-outs. Creating the life you want simply begins with a choice. Eliminating those things you find yourself being most unhappy with will allow so much more peace and emotional space. You will feel like a new person when you finally eliminate the things that have been holding you back from what you really want.
Time-wasters do nothing but impede or delay the ideal life you are committed to creating. The good news is they are simple to eliminate. They simply become something you used to do when you were okay with staying where you were. The difference now is that you are ready to move on and create your ideal life.


By applying these action-able, results-producing strategies you can:
– Reduce and Eliminate Time Wasters for Increased Success

– Make More Money
– Increase Your Focus on High Payoff Activities

– Increase Overall Office Productivity
– Stop Settling for the No Longer Acceptables in Your Life


Web Class Date: Sept. 19, 2019
Time: 1:00pm ET / 12:00pm CT / 11:00am MT / 10:00am PT

Register Now at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6688343911467367939  

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