Expect to receive a ‘mother load’ of referrals and you will! – High pay-off Activities

Expect to receive referrals from everyone you ask and you could put yourself in a high pay-off situation. Yeah, you might be afraid to ask for referrals for whatever your reason is. Get over it and start asking!  You could receive referrals from each person you ask in the amount of 10-100 or more. Show up like this is what you expect – 10-100 referrals. People who ask for referrals – receive referrals. I have known people who have received 90 and 175 referrals from one existing ideal client source. The source can be an existing client, a prospect, a friend, acquaintance, or strategic alliance / center of influence. A person I know received in excess of 200 referrals from one strategic alliance source. I call this the ‘mother load’ of referrals. Another person received directories of groups where their client was a member with names of ideal client profile candidates highlighted and pertinent information about each one. I call these occurrences, the ‘mother load.’ It may not happen often but it can happen to you if you believe it can. It can come to you in big numbers from all different sources and potentially result in high pay-off. Expect it to happen and it will. Start receiving your ‘mother load’ of referrals.

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