Quickly Grow Your Business by Asking for Introductions


Ask for Introductions/Referrals

Ask for Introductions/Referrals

Are you asking your clients and people you know for referrals and introductions to others who can benefit from your products and/or services?  If not, you need to!


If you are asking and not getting a good result, consider using Linked-in as one great resource to help you. 


If you aren’t currently leveraging Linked-in for a CONSISTENT FLOW OF REFERRALS, you need to consider it today!


“I just read page 131 of your Work Life Balance Emergency Kit 34-lesson book. I love the Linked-in contact list idea.  That may be a home run or better yet a grand slam. Worth the money for the course book.” –Chad Coe, Deerfield, IL


To download my complimentary referral tracking spreadsheet and help you increase your revenue, if you don’t already have a process to track referrals, go to /referral-tracking-workbook/.



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