The Productivity Technique All Business Owners Should Master: Sleep

Benefits of Sleep

As a business owner, stress is unavoidable and sleep can be too. The two go hand in hand, and unfortunately the need to attend to your business supersedes a good night’s rest.  But should it?  Scheduling rest time for you is just as important as your business succeeding, and here is why:


The Benefits of Sleep

Receiving at least 8 hours of restful, uneventful sleep is recommended by sleep experts. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that adults 18 to 64 get anywhere from 7 to 9 hours every night. Adults ages 65 and older require 7 to 8 hours each night.  Rest allows our systems to take a break, and our minds too.  Every day all day we are thinking, learning, moving, exercising, and stressed, and 7 to 9 hours of rest each night allows for our systems to repair themselves as well as recuperate.  Plowing through your sleeping time can have negative effects.  You may not look well or feel well without enough rest.


Stress can be unavoidable at times. Stress and anxiety feed off each other and can increase our blood pressure and heart rates, often for much too long, especially if problems arise that need to be dealt with instead of going to sleep.  Our organs and systems need a break; a time to relax and not work so hard.  Sleep allows them this precious time to recover and gain strength which can help your body resist sickness and health issues.


Small business owners also need mental power. As the boss and CEO of your own business, it is up to you to solve the issues and make your business successful which is hard to do without letting your brain take a rest too.  Sleeping the suggested 7 to 9 hours each night improves cognitive abilities such as learning and retaining information.  When we are tired, many of us feel “fuzzy-brained,” a state in which it is hard to think or problem solve.  Rest lets our minds recover too and improves our thinking abilities so that you can accomplish more the next day.


How to Accomplish Sleep for a Business Owner

Setting a sleep schedule is one of the most beneficial things you can do for you and your business. Irregular sleep patterns can wreak havoc on our thinking abilities and our health. Stick to a consistent schedule each evening for the maximum benefits.  Choosing a bedtime and a wake-up time will help your body and mind regulate and adjust to the schedule, allowing you to fall asleep and stay asleep for a good rest.


If you do need to set a sleep schedule, avoid jumping into it. It is best to make the changes in small increments or else you won’t be able to fall or stay asleep because your body has not yet adapted to the sudden change in sleeping patterns.


Create the perfect sleeping environment. Dim lights, no T.V, tablets, or smartphones, soft music, and a fan are excellent elements to incorporate into your snooze room.  You want your bedroom to be a place to sleep and rest, so avoid conduct business or using computers or other electronics that might stimulate your senses and keep you awake all night.


Productivity Relies on Sleep

The correct amount of rest gives us more energy, mental stimulation, health recovery and immune strength and helps us to feel good and look good. Without sleep, your mental capacity will waver, and as small business owners we need to be ready and capable to tackle issues, information, and mistakes so we can be successful and operate a successful organization.


© Sarah Jones is the Editor of Feeling the repercussions of being an irregular sleeper, she decided to do something about it. She learned why sleep is so important and how to optimize it, and is now helping others who are struggling to find their right sleep routine.

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