You can’t do it all – so let go and delegate for cryin’ out loud

You may have a background in web design, and be capable of completing the task, but it’s worth it to delegate. A professional website designer will get the job done right, in a timely manner, and make your website look professional while you can focus on growing your client list.

Questions to Ask Yourself

• Does delegating make sense for me to grow my business?
• Does my business have the revenue to delegate? If not now, when?
• How much time am I spending on tasks that are slowing my growth?
• What should I look for in employees/contractors?
• How would I feel to not have to do administrative tasks or things that don’t directly relate to generating revenue and growing my business?

Big-name businesses didn’t get to the point they are at today by the owners or executives doing everything themselves. They implemented the art of delegation when the time became necessary to take their business to the next level. Delegation for business owners is the ideal way to grow your business without having to take on more responsibility and sacrifice your personal time with your family. The bottom line is that delegation always makes sense.

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