Delegation is an investment in your future success

First, look at delegation of tasks to someone as an investment and not an expense.  If your current earnings as a business are only covering your business overhead and your personal expenses and not much else, unfortunately, you’re not in the ideal financial situation to delegate tasks.  However, sometimes it takes delegating to increase your revenue.  Consider the investment in a person or people and do your best to find a way to make it work as soon as possible – for the sake of your business.

You have two options: hire an in-house assistant or enlist the services of a virtual assistant.  Though having an in-house assistant may be convenient, keep in mind that you must pay employer taxes and might have to provide benefit packages in order to attract quality candidates.  However, hiring a virtual assistant can be far more cost efficient.  Not only are you free from paying taxes on their income, you can hire them for less money.  Hiring a virtual assistant with experience can get more work done faster, in some cases, than an in-house or permanent assistant.

Finding a part time virtual assistant online is easily done and can cost as little as $10 per hour.  One word of caution: you get what you pay for.  Look for virtual assistants with experience or are members of a well-respected organization, such as the International Association of Virtual Assistants.  An experienced virtual assistant with a solid reputation will usually cost a minimum of $20 per hour and as much as $70 per hour.

Implementing the art of delegation to your current business model can lead to an increase in business and an immense decrease in stress for you.  Delegation for business owners is the single most efficient way to run your business without having to spread yourself thin.  You don’t need to hire an army worth of employees or contractors, just delegate the tasks that are hindering you from increasing your revenue!  Do what you do best and let someone else do the rest.

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