Leverage social media resources and obtain more referrals

Here’s an example of leveraging resources as it relates to getting referrals.


A Financial Advisor who is on LinkedIn, found out that a client of his with whom he was having an upcoming meeting with was also on LinkedIn.  He noticed that this client had a LinkedIn community of approximately 30 or so people. The client came in to meet with the Financial Advisor to have their regular meeting.  At the conclusion of the meeting, he was prepared to ask for referrals.  He showed the client the LinkedIn community list he took off the computer and asked him if any of those people would be appropriate for referrals. 


To net it out, he got about 9 referrals from this idea.  I’d say this was a successful result.


There are many other social networking sources that you could apply to this strategy and potentially get even more referrals.

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