Leverage your time and resources effectively

With the goals you have in mind, how can you achieve them if you are not using your time and resources effectively?  Take these action steps to heart:


  1. You must take action now, today!
  2. Selling doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.  Hire the right people to do it for you.  And always have an online and offline marketing plan designed by someone (or a firm) that has a proven track record for results.
  3. You cannot build your business doing $10 or $20 an hour jobs.  Delegate easy tasks to an employee or VA (virtual assistant).
  4. The wealthy don’t get rich by not spending money; however, they do spend it wisely.  Pay attention to things that deliver the benefits and results you need to grow your business – and invest in those; pass up the things that are not in line with growing your business.  Quit looking at how much it pays – what does it deliver?  And does that benefit get you closer to where you want to be? 

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